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AutoHook Launches New Website DriveAutoHook.Com

DETROIT, Thursday January 28th, 2016

AutoHook, Powered by Urban Science, today announced the official launch of their new website URL, DriveAutoHook.com. The rebrand came shortly after the late 2015 acquisition of AutoHook, formerly a division of HookLogic, to global automotive data and consulting company, Urban Science.

AutoHook has grown significantly since their products were first introduced to dealer showrooms in 2011. Backed with additional resources and industry-best data available within Urban Science, AutoHook was due for a fresh, upgraded platform that would highlight what differentiates their technology for OEMs, dealerships and agency partners. Thus, DriveAutoHook.com was born.

“We had to sit down and really dissect the elements and all the moving parts that define the multi-faceted formula that is AutoHook. At our absolute core, we drive conversion on sites, buyers into dealer showrooms and sales; it’s that simple,” said David Metter, President of AutoHook. “We are able to help OEMs by building a redemption network with dealers and making both happy with the results. In addition, their agency partners can ‘ride the rails’ on behalf of their OEM and dealers. All of these opportunities are accompanied by the attribution data, powered by Urban Science, to prove the return on investment,” adds Metter.

AutoHook’s rapidly growing product suite has expanded well into OEM and Tier II levels, and has already experienced an upsurge of attention across dealer rooftops and through further integrations with industry agency and vendor partners. DriveAutoHook was the most fitting URL to fuel the company’s 2016 efforts to better service both existing and prospective clients.

The new website features an entirely recharged concept and design, including specific pages and content devoted solely to dealers, OEMs or partner clients. It aims to drive visitors into one of these three buckets. For current AutoHook subscribers, the new URL signifies the beginning of a more beneficial relationship, with more integrations and solutions already in beta testing that will be released beginning in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

“When you have the assets to drive great sales data, inventory data and lead data, combined with the ability to execute with that data, it drives a higher intention buyer into a showroom., and the validation comes when these shoppers purchase cars,” added Metter.

The competition for dealerships is only going to intensify over the next year. Consumers are shopping digitally now more than ever and in many cases, lead and showroom conversion rates are down. Fortunately, AutoHook continues to demonstrate success in reversing this trend with targeted incentives that drive higher conversion rates, showroom visits and sales.

About AutoHook:
AutoHook, Powered by Urban Science, uses a methodical blend of digital marketing, data science, execution, and their award-winning sales attribution engine to drive the highest intent to buy customers straight into dealer showrooms. Headquartered in Detroit, MI, AutoHook offers time-sensitive, high value “hooks” to selected prospects to be redeemed only in-store. Their proprietary reporting attributes nearly 100% of sales to a single campaign while delivering show rates of up to twice the national average for dealers and OEMs across the U.S. AutoHook’s incentive-based solutions combined with Urban Science’s wealth of data, analytics and industry expertise has resulted in driving higher lead conversion at a significantly lower cost-per-sale. Drive Website Traffic. Drive Leads. Drive Showroom Traffic. Drive the Experience. Drive Sales at DriveAutoHook.com.

About Urban Science
Founded in 1977, Urban Science is a global automotive consulting firm that takes a scientific approach to help manufacturers and dealers identify where they should allocate resources in order to improve market share, profitability and customer loyalty in the most effective and efficient manner. With headquarters in Detroit, Urban Science serves its global clientele in over 100 countries from offices in the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, China, Mexico, Russia, Japan, India and Brazil.


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