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When we look at the market, we're the only ones who see the full picture.

Every major OEM. Every major dealer body. In every nook, cranny and region, OEMs around the world trust the unique knowledge base and skill set of ChannelVantage. In the world’s most complex business, we’re a key partner for success in every part of their operations.



As the pioneers of dealer network planning, our methodology has proven that sales and marketing success starts with a strong network foundation. Nearly every manufacturer around the globe has applied our solutions to identify the right number of dealerships in the right locations to optimize their market share and dealer profitability. We ensure dealer success by continually analyzing market forces to stay ahead of market changes. Beyond that, our standards, management experts and tools work to ensure brand integrity and compliance are consistent through your network.


In the automotive business, opportunity is everywhere, but there has never been a way to use timely, actionable metrics to seize it. Our proprietary data allows us to pinpoint the key drivers that influence dealership success. These timely insights help dealers act instead of react, empowering focused decisions that improve operational performance and drive new vehicle sales. Our solutions dig deeper into sales*, service, financial and consumer data to better understand performance issues and identify opportunities for proactive improvement across the dealership.

*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.


To close more sales, marketers need to generate qualified traffic. Our advanced targeting starts by applying near-real-time buyer suppression to produce audience segments that specifically address campaign objectives. Once we find the right audience, we activate highly targeted, private offers to drive the highest intent-to-buy customers straight to Dealer showrooms. And our timely reporting definitively links these marketing activities to sales*, traffic and defection data allowing in-flight campaign optimization based on what’s working.

*Sales refers to vehicle unit sales and does not represent vehicle price or revenue.


Our proprietary formula fuses together four essential inputs for business results. This exponential power allows us to deliver solutions that in many cases have never been done before. No other company combines elite data analysts and industry experts with predictive scientific methodology to turn the biggest data into the smartest.