Be ready for the sales of today and the shoppers of tomorrow.

A solid, convenient network foundation is essential for efficient and effective sales and marketing. While customers may seem like they’re in millions of places at once, we help optimize sales, market share, and customer loyalty — no matter how fast and in how many directions the market is moving.


Created the discipline. Perfecting the process.

We are scientific network planning pioneers with the most proven methodology for site location.

Created the discipline. Perfecting the process.

Our proven, robust process is in markets all over the world.

Created the discipline. Perfecting the process.

Every major global OEM that sells new vehicles has worked with ChannelVantage® to plan their network.

Created the discipline. Perfecting the process.

We have conducted market studies in countries that represent about 90% of all new car sales around the world.

Created the discipline. Perfecting the process.

Our team executes thousands of network planning studies each year, in more than 70 countries, all using the same proven Dealer Network Analysis Process methodology.

Created the discipline. Perfecting the process.

Our network recommendations are more accurate, more reliable, and delivered faster.

Putting every store exactly where it needs to be, so it can do everything it should do. Customer convenience is king.

Building a successful retail network takes extreme discipline and rock-solid planning. The process is capital intensive and takes a long time to fully realize, so it’s imperative it’s done correctly and strategically with future planning in mind. As the innovators and recognized experts in automotive network planning, we can optimize your traditional network, and also be your preemptive guide in managing the significant shifts on the horizon.

Market Foundations
Market Foundations

Setting up for success.

Establish the building blocks of network planning and prioritize your market strategy: define your competitive landscape, setting logical dealer territories and equitable sales targets.

Network Scenarios
Network Scenarios

Science plans smarter.

Develop strategic network scenarios to scientifically define the recommended number of dealerships for your priority markets, the ideal locations and the type of facility necessary, and identify the best dealer operators for your stores.

Performance Benchmarks
Performance Benchmarks

Know the numbers.

Geographically highlight and quantify true market opportunities using fair, equitable performance benchmarks that account for local consumer preference.

Action Planning
Action Planning

Stick to the vision.

We understand it takes time, so we develop an incremental strategy to achieve the ideal network and the resulting actions necessary to reach the ultimate goal.


Smarter action during the tough times.

The need for network optimization is even more critical during periods of economic uncertainty. Tough times bring new realities; diminished market certainties, declining sales, decreased employment levels, and lower budgets. Over a four-year period, four major brands tried to weather the turbulent market. Two leveraged our solutions to optimize their network, and two chose to weather the storm by trusting their instincts. Here’s what happened:

Do alternative retail formats address the changing needs of the consumer?

The world of automotive retail is evolving, and today’s consumers want to buy on their time and terms. To thrive in today’s omni-channel world, alternative retail formats may be needed to address consumer needs, create awareness, provide brand education and/or showcase brand experience in order to influence revenue growth and brand affinity, and can open additional options for representation. For maximum effectiveness, integration of these formats into the traditional network is mandatory for success to support and supplement dealer activities.

Providing certainty across the industry.

We solve network planning challenges by developing and delivering the most effective network performance solutions, driven by our proprietary formula for business – the Power of 4™.

X Process
X Data
X Technology


Starting with analytical, problem-solving mindsets, our people are then certified as network planners and are recognized as innovators and thought leaders in the automotive industry.

Our scientific, 8-step Dealer Network Analysis Process is the most effective process in the automotive industry, proven to sell more vehicles and increase profits.

We integrate, evaluate and streamline vast amounts of data from our clients, third parties and our own proprietary sources to fuel the analytics that drive our network optimization.

The industry’s most comprehensive location intelligence tool, Ni2®, utilizes the industry’s most advanced location intelligence tools to deliver you market-share-increasing insights.

Let us help you cut through the chaos

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Maximize productivity.
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Clearly see who is selling
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