Plan fast. Act faster.

Recommendations and actions can’t wait. NetworkDynamics is a comprehensive solution, engineered for driving network-wide efficiency and consistency. It’s designed to maximize productivity in task management, delivery, and communication down to the finest detail. Through a synergistic combination of tools, dealer administration can effectively analyze, report on, and implement network actions — from market studies to ad hoc requests — and have a single source of truth for confident, effective leadership and decision-making.

One solution. Many powerful applications.

When network actions are required, it is critical to have a fast, modern, and meticulously organized document and process management solution for efficient decision-making, productivity, and to ensure legal compliance at all times. NetworkDynamics acts as your single source of truth, and your indispensable workflow tool, to drive change across your network more efficiently.

Network Changes
Network Changes


Manage dealer points, relocations, buy/sells, or terminations.

Contract Management
Contract Management


Secure, fully digital dealer contract repository.

Facility Compliance
Facility Compliance


Audit dealership adherence to brand standards.

Dealership Launch
Dealership Launch


Streamline new franchise openings to boost sales performance.

Marketing Programs
Marketing Programs


Execute complex marketing or training programs with ease.


Maximum control over the big picture and the fine details.

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Centralized network hub.

All the information ever needed for proactive management and efficient decision-making is in one place.

  • Synchronized, secure database for all contracts and relevant network information
  • Centralized knowledge repository of network plans, actions, programs, and performance
  • Quality control through validation for the highest data accuracy
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A flexible process workflow tool.

Drive change across your network efficiently and consistently, on time with high quality, whether a marketing program rollout or dealership change.

  • Execute highly complex tasks across multiple departments and participants
  • Simplify the secure collection of data and statistics needed for progress reports
  • Automatic notifications, escalations, and real-time status for efficient task completion
  • Seamless, simple, role-based access that is accessible anywhere and anytime
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Monitor and protect brand consistency across the dealer network.

Ensure dealerships are adhering to brand standards by implementing compliance reviews, facility guidelines, and efficiently auditing dealers to ensure your customers enjoy a dependable brand experience, both online and in the showroom.

  • Establish compliance review and facility guidelines across all dealers
  • Efficiently audit dealership adherence to brand standards
  • Create awareness through targeted notifications to stakeholders
  • Generate, execute, and monitor customized follow-up plans to correct noncompliance
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Streamlined efficiency in the palm of your hand.

Now your device connects to the most important network: your dealers. With mobile-first design, NetworkDynamics offers access from a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices.

  • Real-time monitoring from anywhere
  • Respond to any decisions or approvals directly from your device
  • To answer your immediate questions, get access to the reports and insightful analytics that you need in-field

We helped a major U.S. OEM determine how to launch new franchises with the highest probability for success.

Learn how Urban Science offered NetworkDynamics to 100+ new dealers to help them launch new franchises. With 60% of dealers accepting, they tracked performance of those who participated vs. those who did not. Instead of struggling in their first year, the participating new dealerships received a competitive advantage of a faster ramp-up time, and were able to offer the best possible customer experience — assuring OEM quality and satisfaction. Those who used NetworkDynamics showed on average +32% more incremental unit sales than those who did not.

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